Audit Framework

NEST Methodologies stand for Nature, Environment, Science and Technology based Education. The four pillars of this methodology bring new dimension of learning and development for students and new skill development for teachers.

Accreditation under NEST Methodologies Framework is a research-based program for assessing, evaluating and improving your educational institution’s (School, College, University etc.) approach to Academic standard set under the application of Nature, Environment, Science and Technology-Based teaching methods. It is unique because:

  1. It is based on a whole institutional approach. The assessment and evaluation understands and finds out all parts of your school/educational institution and advises how the teaching methods based on NEST education are embedded into the school environment. The Principal, Teaching staffs, Non teaching staffs along with students and related parents form a complete ecosystem and we call here “School Environment”.
  2. The key to understand and implement the spirit of NEST Methodologies framework is to check the Collaboration among teachers, school leaders, and other members of the school community, and the inclusive approach towards teaching and learning.
  3. It is for primary/elementary schools/secondary schools/higher secondary schools/colleges and Universities.

The NEST Methodologies Audit represents a starting point for considering accreditation for your entire school. It is designed as a reflective and action tool for schools/educational institutions to improve the present.

Once the audit is performed by a qualified and appointed evaluation member the report is sent to the Education Board for Accreditation for accepting or declining the application.

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