The Education Board for Accreditation is constituted, owned, and run by CCLP Worldwide under the Inter-Governmental Mandate for Accreditation.

The parent organization CCLP Worldwide maintains the following status, affiliation, memberships, and association with various UN Agencies, the European Parliament, and other intergovernmental organizations.

Logo or EmblemOrganizationNature of organizationStatus
UN Economic and Social CouncilUnited Nations BodyConsultative status since 2012
UNESCO Network on Education Quality Monitoring in Asia PacificUNESCO BodyInstitutional Membership
United Nations Conference on Sustainable DevelopmentUnited Nations BodyAccredited
United Nations Academic ImpactUnited Nations BodyInstitutional Membership
United Nations Global CompactUnited Nations BodyInstitutional Signatory
United Nations VolunteersUnited Nations BodyWorld Health Organization–The Partnership for Maternal, newborn and Child Health
Global University Network for InnovationUNESCO initiated and supported bodyInstitutional Membership
International Bureau of Education
UNESCO BodyJoins community of practice in curriculum development
World Health Organization–The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child HealthUnited Nations BodyInstitutional Membership
European Parliament and the European CommissionInter-Governmental parliamentary bodyListed with Transparency Register and having accreditation to access EP
United Nations Sustainable Development Knowledge PlatformUnited Nations Body
Registered under Major Group
Diplomatic Research and Policy FoundationInter-Governmental BodySpecially accredited by IGO to provide accreditation services

The table shown above indicates CCLP Worldwide and its Chapter or affiliated Organization association or listing or membership or accreditation or participation in other organizations or initiatives, without implying mutual endorsement. For more information on the status of each relationship, please contact the International Secretariat at

The Logo(s) represented here are for information and educational purposes.