Whole Institutional Approach

The general approach of assessment of any school or educational institution is to study the school in its entirety in the context of NEST Methodology scope and application.

We follow the Good School ratings approach to study 6 of the 10 major areas where the NEST framework is embedded or may be embedded

  1. School Building and Campus: School buildings, classrooms, playgrounds and libraries are the most important aspect of school infrastructure. Spacious and refurbished buildings and well- ventilated classrooms are a must in schools.  

Scope: Is it a green campus? Do students have facility for study in green lush environment inside the campus? Does the environment inside the school nature friendly? How conscious is management about environment? Any project or facility like solar plant is their inside the campus. Is the building green certified? The materials used are nature friendly

2. Government recognition: Is the institution run under government permission.

Scope: Does the educational entity is legally established and follows the rules set by the government.

3. Teaching Methodology: This is the main area where the scope of implementing NEST Methodology is very high. In order to assess this area, it is important to know What teaching methods are used in the school?

Scope: How educational technology is embedded in the instruction and teaching? Is teaching beyond classroom is performed? How nature is embedded in the curriculum and teaching?

4. Sports and extra-curricular activities: The school should ideally have large playgrounds unhindered for smooth conduct of sports games like football, cricket, volleyball basketball, running track etc. with provision for indoor games like table tennis, chess etc. 

Scope: How extra-curricular activities and sports are used as a tool to the understanding of nature and protection of environment?

5. Competence of Teaching staffs and Management: The Education, training, experience and psychological stability of teaching staffs are of prime importance for a good school.

Scope: how competent teaching staffs are teaching with educational technology and incorporating nature, environment, science and technology in their teaching.

6. Good Health, sanitation, nutrition and secure environment A secure environment where shared study, play and engagements are encouraged for learners is truly blessed with happy energy.  

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