Call For Experts for DRPF Accreditation

DRPFA has launched a call for higher education experts and student experts from all fields of studies to become a member of the expert panel.
Required Skills and Experience of Experts:

  • Ph.D. or equivalent degree
  • Proven teaching or scientific/scholarly research experience;
  • Experience in designing and developing academic programs;
  • Experience in management and provision of quality in higher education institutions;
  • Experience within an organizational and administrative structure of an HEI;
  • Academic writing skills;
    Proficiency in English;

Required Skills and Experience of Student Experts:

  • BA, MA or PhD student
  • Proven experience related to quality assurance;
  • Experience within an organizational structure of an HEI, Student Organization, or QA Agency;
  • Academic writing skills;
  • Proficiency in English;

Responsibilities according to DRPFA Accreditation Manual include:

  • To review documents submitted by HEIs prior to the site visit
  • Carry out the site visit to HEIs arranged by DRPFA
  • Draft an external review report after the site visit in compliance with DRPFA Standards
  • Finalize the external review report and provide final recommendation for accreditation to DRPFA Board

The site visit to a higher education institution lasts one day and on some occasions, it might last two days, depending on the size of the institution. The payment fee for each member of the expert panel is €500 euro to €1200, plus 100 euro per daily expense and accommodation. The payment fee for each student expert is €200 euro plus 100 euro for daily expenses and accommodation. Costs of travel are also covered by the Institute. The final approval on the appointment of members of the expert panel is made by DRPFA’s State Council of Quality.

All interested experts should fill out the application and attach this file along with the CV and a list of publications to the following email
The call is actively open.

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