Frequently asked questions

  1. Which schools or educational entity qualify to apply for accreditation

Ans) any school or educational entity with formal recognition with the government/department as per local laws can apply for accreditation. Therefore only recognized educational entities or school can apply.

2. Our school has never before implemented or included basics of NEST can we apply

Ans) Yes, All recognized schools/ educational entities can apply irrespective of their position under NEST Framework.

3. What is the use of NEST Rubric and how can we use it.

Ans) The NEST Rubric is important parameters for initial self-assessment of school with NEST Framework. Before applying the school must do self-assessment through provided nest rubric and submit the same with application.

4. How good school criteria, whole institutional approach and NEST Rubric are different mode of assessment for any school?

Ans) The three are interlinked. The whole institutional approach is the main policy of the framework. Some of the criteria of good school need to be studied to conduct audit against the set standard explained in NEST Rubric.

5. What is the cost of application/auditing/accreditation?

Ans) This will depend on the applicant’s resident country, number of students enrolled and annual revenue of the institution. For each application separate quote will be generated.

6. How much evaluation commission Member will charge for auditing?

Ans) Most of our evaluation members have consented to volunteer the work of auditing and inspection. However incidental charges like foods and travels will have to be borne by applicant institution.

7. The Accreditation is recognized by Inter-Governmental treaty organization and associated governments. Will they charge extra ?

Ans) There will not be any extra charges as the quotation for accreditation services will include all charges.

8. Will your provide the work of accreditation to private agency on franchise basis?

Ans) We will evaluate the same on merit basis. We are open to such arrangements.

9. Which body will decide whether to grant or decline accreditation?

Ans) The audit report of evaluation commission member with recommendation will decide if accreditation be granted or not. The academic council of Education board for accreditation will check if all the formalities are met or not.

For any queries please email us at accreditation@cclpworldwide.com

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