NEST Methodologies Accreditation and its various levels

The Accreditation process supports the school/Educational Institutions to understand, analyze, improve and practice NEST Methodologies framework towards imparting 21st-century future-ready education for sustainable development.

NEST compliance Audit

Goal: to assess your school/educational entity’ plan of action in teaching and learning and recommend improvement or best practices.


STEP 1First, read the guidebook before applying for accreditation.
STEP 2Check the Framework Rubric to ascertain the status of your School/educational institution.
STEP 3Send a formal request to the Education Board for considering the application.
STEP 4Submit requisite doc/info and payment proof. (Candidacy Status)
STEP 5Send a formal request to the Education Board to consider the application.
STEP 6Submission of the inspection report by the evaluation member.
STEP 7Grant of accreditation by the Education Board of Accreditation

The accreditation comes with an Audit report and recommendation report.

The accreditation will be based on a point score.

Score out of 10DecisionWhat next
Below 5Accreditation declinedCan re-apply after meeting compliance/gap
Between 5-7.5Accreditation Granted for two yearsRecommendations/suggestion
8 and aboveAccreditation granted for 3 years termRecommendations/suggestion

What applicant will get after inspection?

  1. Accreditation decision – Certificate of Accreditation or Letter of improvement
  2. Certificate of Audit ( After the audit and inspection are concluded the Evaluation commission Member will submit the report and generate Certificate of Audit which will be presented to the applicant after being signed by Commission Member.)
  3. Audit report ( Audit report will be sent after a few days along with the decision of the Board)
  4. Score point colour matrix ( It will show the strength and weakness of the school and indicate room for improvement.)
  5. Recommendations/suggestion for improvement
  6. If granted the applicant may use the following logo in all its courses and publication materials