The International Organization of Education Charter – CCLP Worldwide through its specialized body Education Board for Accreditation (Formerly The Academic Council of CCLP Worldwide) maintains the repository of all academic and technical co-operation signed with Governments, semi-governments, Inter-governmental organization, Universities, Educational Institutions and consortiums.

All Government Co-operation agreements.

  1. MOU Signed with EDU Inter-Governmental Organization dated August 02, 2011, at Brussels and Kolkata ( Kind of co-operation – Collaborative partnership in the area of education and accreditation.)
  2. MOU signed with Municipality of Fushe, Government of Kosovo at Fushe, Kosovo dated 08, July 2012 (Academic, technical Co-operation with the focus for the development of UNESCO Club).

All Consortium/Universities association agreements.

  1. MOU signed with Consortium Universities Euroamerican dated 18th May 2010 at Madrid, Spain and Kolkata, India (Academic, Technical and cultural collaborative agreement for sharing common educational priorities.
  2. MOU signed with Globus College of International Management, Kosovo dated 14th Nov 2017 at Prishtina, Kosovo.

UNESCO Clubs and Association

  1. The Education Board for Accreditation maintains official relation with UNESCO Club of Education Charter – a premier and recognized club working for the promotion of UNESCO Activities.
  2. The Education Board of Accreditation also maintains official relation with UNESCO Club of Fushe-Kosove, Government of Kosovo
  3. The Board also maintains participatory and charter endorsement with World Federation of UNESCO Associations.