Diplomatic Research and Policy Foundation

Diplomatic Research and Policy Foundation is an Intergovernmental Organization founded in 2016 by the Ministry of Education and Science, Republic of Macedonia and the Ministry of Diaspora, Republic of Albania.

Established in 2016, DRPF International Intergovernmental Organisation with a University mandate is a visionary and well-governed institution, known for being the first diplomatic Intergovernmental Organisation with a university mandate and running UN, UNESCO, IUCN and UNEP-designed courses.

In Europe one of the pioneering Intergovernmental organisations with a University mandate with accreditation to grant certificates, diplomas, degrees and fellowships.

It has 55 academic programmes ranging from the Foundation, Diploma and Bachelor’s levels to the post-graduate Master’s and Doctorates. It has committed academics housed in various faculties and schools such as Business & Technology, Health, Education & Humanities, Culinary Arts, and Foundation.

Since its inception, DRPF pursued innovative learning where technology complements human interaction on a strong educational platform. Our pursuit of affordable and quality education in both conventional and remote teaching modes continues today and is embodied in our DRPF’s Education Core meeting the cutting-edge needs of 21st Century education.

DRPF Working On 2030 SDG Mission And Goals.

DRPF relies on a broad array of partners in the fulfilment of its mission and in the implementation its programmes. Over the last 4 years, DRPF has established productive multilateral and bilateral relationships with governments, development agencies, international organizations, foundations, NGOs, research institutions, universities and other educational establishments. Those partnerships have allowed DRPF to develop strong programmes and respond to the needs of diplomacy and quality education across the world.

DRPF strives to strengthen strategic and operational partnerships globally, regionally and nationally. The main goal of the organization’s vast network of partnerships is to ensure better outcomes for diplomacy institutions and professionals by combining expertise and resources in a mutually beneficial way. These partnerships also strengthen DRPF’s engagement in diplomacy and Quality education, which allows the agency to forge strategic alliances and better determine its global priorities by staying connected to the best practices in diplomacy.

DRPF regards its partnerships as a key to the agency’s ability to carry out its mandate in an efficient and informed manner.

DRPF Mainly focus on Diplomatic courses and courses designed and affiliated with UN, UNESCO, IUCN and UNEP.

It operates with networks and partners including UN entities(UNRISDUNDESA) and other stakeholders.


DRPF is guided by a four-year strategic framework which articulates the Institute’s vision, mission, core values and strategic objectives and enablers. The framework outlines the direction that DRPF will take and serves as the foundation for planning and budgeting, mobilizing resources, crafting partnerships, delivering results and measuring and evaluating performance.

The framework was approved by the DRPF Board of Trustees in July 2019. The framework is aligned with the 2030 Agenda and is structured around five pillars that correspond to four of the five thematic pillars of the 2030 Agenda: Peace, People, Planet and Prosperity. The framework includes a fifth objective aimed at supporting the integrated and indivisible nature of the Agenda through crosscutting programming. Four strategic enablers are also identified, including people and partnerships; quality, learning and evaluation; strategic communication; and business processes.

The official website of the Diplomatic Research and Policy Foundation is https://drpf.edu.mk

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Let me emphatically note and recognize how vital Diplomatic Research and Policy Foundation is, in the matter of rolling out inclusive and equitable higher education for humanity. DRPF as an accreditation agency is a truly globally recognized intergovernmental organization with a university mandate. The accreditation agency is led by a reputable and globally recognized scholar and professional as its President. The entire leadership of DRPF is solid in terms of integrity and honesty when in comes to transacting academic and professional businesses. I have fully researched about DRPF, and can confirm that DPRF is a recognized Accreditation Agency by the Ministry of Education – Government of Macedonia as well the Ministry of Diaspora – Government of Albania.
    For those who require to receive internationally recognized and accredited programs and courses associated with UN, UNESCO and UNEP activities, my word is that, seek without wasting time to get enrolled for programs developed by DRPF. You will never go wrong. The content of the different programs and course units are fabulous and hands on. One will be in the right hands of qualified and equipped professionals who work with honesty and integrity in executing their duties and responsibilities.
    May I sincerely thank the leadership of DRPF for the good work they are doing since its inception, in making higher education affordable and accessible to all without discrimination. DRPF is truly global. Thank you. Prof Sir, Dr Christopher Oyat, Fellow Chartered Educator – Co-opted Member of Education Board for Accreditation (India) – Accredited by Diplomatic Research for Policy Foundation; Fellow of Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors (FCIEA – UK); and Fellow of Royal Society of Arts (FRSA – UK)

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